Learn IT, Girl!

Hello World!  Finally!! here I am, Writing my blog.. uhh awesome feeling  😀 So lets me tell one good news,  This February I had been selected as Learn It, Girl! scholar. This is a mentorship program for women around the globe!  I applied as mentee in January 2016.My choice was C programming language because I am willing to learn more  about C programming.
This is the second edition of Learn IT,Girl! See more about it Here . Explore it, you may find it very much helpful.
The application process was very easy, you just need to go through some question regarding you skills and some more normal question. There is two “the most important question”
1) Which programming language you are willing to learn and
2) The project idea.
Remember! Application process generally opens in the month of December, so be updated with that, well they share everything on social media so just follow them there.  I am currently working on my project under the guidance of my mentor Rohit Kashyap, He is an awesome mentor  😀


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