Shotgun-game [Learn IT, Girl]

Yeah!! This is my Learn IT, Girl project. In starting of program when I applied, we need to submit an idea for project, in which I can work on during program. So my idea was very simple which is something like :

The aim of the project will be to implement a quiz game  which aims to teach the basics of maths Functions to the 1st-4th grade school students. This includes activities mainly centered on math  (normal function targetting grade 1 – 4 school students).

FEATURE of the quiz game:
5.Aptitude question based on previous four functions.

There are 2 rounds in this Quiz Game, BASIC ROUND & ADVANCE ROUND.

BASIC ROUND: In basic round you will be asked a total of 5 questions to test your basic knowledge. You are eligible to play the game – if you give atleast 2  right answers, otherwise you can’t proceed further to the Advance Round.

ADVANCED ROUND: Your game starts with ADVANCE ROUND. In this round you will be asked  total of 15 questions.

You will be given 4 options and you have to press A, B ,C or D for the right option. And there will be no negative marking.

For each correct answer in Advance round you will be awarded Rs 100,000.  By this way you can win million of cash prize. Woohoo  😀   you can win millions of money here. Let’s become a millionaire   😛

In starting week of Learn It, Girl program,  I discussed this project idea with my mentor and then start learning few advance functions of c programming. During the project I learnt many technology. I become familiar with Open Gl tool, C graphics and learnt advanced functions of C programming. And yes how I missed this I learnt some advanced features of Git too (As I was very much familiar with the basics  🙂
This helped me in my semester exams too 😀 . Actully in my present semester we have to study “Computer graphics”. So it was a relife for me I rellay didn’t study much for this subject in semester end exams 😛 .

Now my project is completed, you can veiw my codes on Github here Shotgun-maths-game

This is all. At the end I am satisfied that I learnt something new and get to know about many new things. Today I promise my self I will continue learning and never stop coding. This is something which make me feel better and better  😀 .


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