What I am learning, while mentoring a girl.

Anjali is a curious young girl who lives in a small village in Bihar, India. She got a scholarship from Pokhrama Foundation to attend one of the best school in that area. This NGO has their own process for selection. You can get an idea about the process on the website. Why/How/When I got into mentoring, that is another story! I want to write here about this young girl.

What motivated me to write this blog post is the curiosity, enthusiasm of this young lady. She is in 6th standard. Believe me, she motivates me! I am trying to mentor her remotely as we both live in different cities. I talk to her once/twice in a week. I try to solve her problem, She is introvert. It’s was really hard for her to get open to me and share her problem. When I look back into my life- It was really hard for me too. I was an introvert till my college. I am glad she is open to me now. This is a learning process for me also. I will list down few of the things I am learning:

  • She is a morning person, She studies in morning. I am in process of becoming one.
  • She asks questions, I mean literally lots of questions- Sometimes I don’t have an answer to her question, here I learn. I realized I don’t know lots of basic things. I admit whenever I don’t know things. I read about those things and get back to her(see I am still close to academia. This makes me feel good).


  • I use to ask a lot of question while I was a student and I tell her to do same. Now I am a working woman, but I still ask- This helps me in learning lot of things. For example- One colleague was working on some visualization- and out of curiosity, I asked her how she did that- That day I learned about a new library that we can use for visualization.
  • Keep learning- She makes me realize that I don’t know few things that probably everyone should know.
  • A rough timetable of the day is important.
  • Deciding priorities- Hard but important. An advice from Prof. Philip and Prof. Vijay.

Screenshot from 2018-05-07 22-06-29

I will add more points to this post later.  I am missing lot of points.


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