What is Mixed Reality?

Recently I was invited to give a talk on Mixed Reality. People were aware of Virtual reality(VR), but they had lots of confusion about what exactly is Augmented reality(AR) and Mixed reality(MR). So I thought of putting the definition of all three VR, AR and MR together here in this blog.


Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality completely immerses a user inside a synthetic environment. While immersed, the user cannot see the real world around him. So it’s kind of Virtual world!

In VR, you wear something on your head — that holds a screen in front of your eyes, which in turn is powered by a computer, gaming console or mobile phone.

Augmented Reality

Augmented reality brings the magic of the digital world to reality. With it, we can mix our wildest dreams with our view of reality to create entirely new experiences. The whole point of that ugly word, augmented, is that AR takes your view of the real world and adds digital information and/or data on top of it

AR is a field of computer research which deals with the combination of real-world and computer-generated data!

Augmented reality, or AR, is similar to VR in that it is often delivered through a sensor-packed wearable device, such as Google Glass.

Characteristics of AR

  • It combines real and virtual object in the real environment.
  • It is interactive in real-time.
  • Aligns real and virtual object with each other
  • Adding computer vision and object recognition

Mixed Reality

The key term for mixed reality, or MR, is flexibility.

Mixed reality lets the user see the real world (like AR) while also seeing believable, virtual objects (like VR). And then it anchors those virtual objects to a point in real space, making it possible to treat them as “real,”

With mixed reality, the illusion is harder to break. It tries to combine the best aspects of both VR and AR.

Note: Lot of People think Pokemon Go is an example of Mixed reality but it is not!

Pokémon Go update, characters seen in that game do not follow the rules of mixed reality, which some describe as “real” augmented reality. Once a Pokémon is encountered in the real world, its distance from the player does not change as that player’s phone moves around; in other words, the character appears to be on top of the real world when viewed through the phone, but it’s easy to break the illusion that it is in that real world.

When I was exploring MR, I was not able to find definitions of all three(VR, AR & MR) on the internet together. I hope putting all three definitions here will help more people to get an understanding of what MR is all about.

If you want to explore WebVR the best resource to get started is A-Frame school

Have a nice day Y’all.  See you around on web 🙂

Note: This hand-on workshop was organized by Mozilla representative Jyotsna, we had an awesome venue(Myntra Design office in Bangalore). We had good number of attendees too. The one demand we got from attendees was to have some live examples with the headset. I am sure we will have something like that in the upcoming events.


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