Mozilla Intern project presentation!

A few days back someone from Mozilla sent me an email saying that: August! How did that happen?  Isn’t time is going too fast? Then I realize- Oh, it’s the end of Outreachy round 12 😦 Well, time and tide wait for none 🙂 I will be presenting my Outreachy work, and experience of last […]

Testing in Firefox- Mochitest!

You’ve just written a feature or changed a large number of file including javascript- hopefully! you want to test it.  So I am back this week with a testing tool that Firefox use for testing 🙂   I will try my hard to explain my experience 😛 Mochitest Mochitest is an automated testing framework built […]

Major improvement in Firefox

I spent some time last week looking into a bug in the Firefox for window desktop. It is going to be among major improvement in the upcoming Firefox release.  This bug is about  Fullscreen windows on Windows 8/8.1/10 . This is how window controls (minimize/maximize/close) currently looks like in full-screen mode. This is similar to […]

Hg push-to-try

Today I am going to write about how to use hg push-to-try command in Firefox. I was very much familiar with git and became familiar with basics of mercurial while applying for Outreachy.  I can proudly say -Open source taught me Git and now teaching me advance topics of mercurial 🙂  and the fact is […]

Bookmark in toolbar.

So, Today let’s talk about Bookmark issue in the toolbar as that is what I have been up to the past couple of weeks along with some other issues. Yes, I know I should have written about it 2 weeks ago but I was kind of busy with some pieces of stuff along with my […]

Firefox for Desktop.

This was the first week- According to the schedule.But I had started working on the project for 10 days before the formal-start, just after my semester-end exam. In this blog, I am going to writes about my project that is- Firefox for the desktop! I will be working on all three platform- Linux, Window and […]