Bookmark in toolbar.

So, Today let’s talk about Bookmark issue in toolbar as that is what I have been up to the past couple of weeks along with some other issues. Yes, I know I should have write about it 2 weeks ago but I was kind of busy with some stuffs along with my internship 😦 That’s […]

Firefox for Desktop.

This was first week- According to the schedule.But I had started working on project from 10 days before the formal-start, just after my semester-end exam. In this blog I am going to writes about my project that is- Firefox for desktop! I will be working on all three platform- Linux, Window and mac OSX. Firefox […]

Outreachy- The Beginning!

Are you a beginner? want to get started with open source contribution? If your answer is -Yes, then go ahead and read the post, you may find some usefull stuffs. Outreachy Seriously saying- Outreachy is an opportunity for me. Outreachy helps me to grab an internship in the organization I want to contribute for. Outreachy […]

Shotgun-game [Learn IT, Girl]

Yeah!! This is my Learn IT, Girl project. In starting of program when I applied, we need to submit an idea for project, in which I can work on during program. So my idea was very simple which is something like : The aim of the project will be to implement a quiz game  which […]

Import image using openGL in C

In web programming, it’s always easy to add an image to our project page but, it’s not easy to add images using openGL in C. This need little work to be done. OpenGL is a rendering language, and has no native support for loading JPEG, GIF, TIF, BMP or any other popular image type. Here […]

Learn IT, Girl!

Hello World!  Finally!! here I am, Writing my blog.. uhh awesome feeling  😀 So lets me tell one good news,  This February I had been selected as Learn It, Girl! scholar. This is a mentorship program for women around the globe!  I applied as mentee in January 2016.My choice was C programming language because I […]