Design Sprint(Mozilla+StanfordHCI)

The Open Innovation Team at Mozilla and Stanford have partnered to explore how a decentralized design process (a design process where people are not in the same physical location) can provide a way to innovate and include more diverse perspectives in the design process.

I participated in Mozilla’s and Stanford’s open design sprint for an accessible web.  Participation included working online with a multidisciplinary team over the course of a week on the Stanford design thinking process. In my team, we were 5 people from different part of the world. I got a chance to lead the team. My experience working with people was pretty amazing. Together with the team, we created concepts for a more accessible web browsing experience based on our experiences. We ideated and prototyped our designs and did lightweight testing with a real-world potential user.

I love Microsoft’s inclusive design philosophy:

We all are disabled at one point or the other.

Some of the point that we conclude after our research:

  • Blind people: they are not the main audience being considered in the design of web sites.
  • Humanized text-to-speech functionality
  • Inability to process all the data/ search results.
  • Pattern: there is high barrier of entry for old people.
  • Accessibility issues: translation difficulty, touchscreen interface, inaccurate smart assistant, unclear shortcuts.
  • Some patterns that are bad user experiences include ads, free reports, online malware, length privacy term
  • There are opportunities to leverage AI/Machine Learning to improve disabled peoples experience.
  • Kids are socially disabled in a way that they don’t understand what can be dangerous for them.

Here on the blog, I am listing all articles, videos, books and reference shared with us during the sprint.

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