A Note to Remember.

Just finished watching 7th season of series Orange Is The New Black.  I feel so touched, here are some intense final words to remember from this season: What is crime? We create rules to guide our behavior so we can live peaceably around other people, but sometimes, our lives press up against the rules; the […]


Last week I celebrated my 24th birthday. I don’t like big celebrations, but a nice dinner with good people far from home in a new country, new city is not a bad idea. This year, I celebrated my birthday in Munich. I am lucky to have survived so far. Looking forward for an amazing year […]

Book Review: Lean In by Sheryl Sandberg.

I recently finished reading Lean In. It is an amazing book. If you haven’t read it, I will recommend that you do so. You will be amazed.  This book in not about becoming a CEO of a company or getting inside the head of a power elite or COO’s mind. This book is more than […]

The Subtle Art of Not giving a F*ck: A Review

I recently finished reading the book THE SUBTLE ART OF NOT GIVING A F*CK -by MARK MANSON.  Every sentence in this book has a deep meaning. I was able to connect to most of them. Some of my favorite points from this book, I will start with my most favorite one: Travel is a fantastic […]

What is Mixed Reality?

Recently I was invited to give a talk on Mixed Reality. People were aware of Virtual reality(VR), but they had lots of confusion about what exactly is Augmented reality(AR) and Mixed reality(MR). So I thought of putting the definition of all three VR, AR and MR together here in this blog. Virtual Reality Virtual Reality […]

Thank you, WomenInTechFund!

I Spoke at Hong Kong Open Source Conference 2018 about my favorite topic: Browsers. A big thanks to Women in tech fund, Because of them I was able to make it possible. They sponsored my travel to the conference. HKOSCoN 2018 Edition took place in Hongkong Science park! They had around 300 attendees. The first day […]

What I am learning, while mentoring a girl.

Anjali is a curious young girl who lives in a small village in Bihar, India. She got a scholarship from Pokhrama Foundation to attend one of the best school in that area. This NGO has their own process for selection. You can get an idea about the process on the website. Why/How/When I got into mentoring, that is […]